November 24-28 – Tulsa, OK

November 2021 brought the most anticipated BMX event of the year at the Grand Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thanksgiving week, over 3600 riders from every state and more than 25 countries congregated at the Sagenet Center for a five day competition and the culmination of a 30 day series of races across the country. About 15,000 people attended the event, which included racers from all classes, from Olympians to absolute newbies.

The stakes could not be higher and Bay Area BMX was ready to rock & roll, bringing their ‘A’ Game as always.

When the dust was settled, Team Cato was on stage accepting the trophy for 1st Place in Bike Shop!

From now on, B.A.B. won’t be the underdogs, as in previous years, but will be the defenders of the title. Congratulation to all our riders and supporters! We could not be more proud and thrilled for everyone involved.

Here’s more of what Howard had to say following the big victory:

“Going into this race was very stressful, I was really trying to stay focused and not look nervous. I was there representing all my sponsors and fans, and really didn’t want to let them down! My riders were at their best, and I knew they was going to put it all on the line for me. Sunday night was the worst, but when the dust cleared we was the National #1 Bike Shop Champions for 2021! This was not a easy thing to do, if it was everyone would be here. To be the best, you have to beat the best! We proved it that night! I want to thank everyone that helped me get to this point and continue to believe in me. Now let’s move forward towards becoming a great factory team for 2022!”