Bay Area BMXers Take Winning Streak to Tulsa!

With everything that happened in 2020 the B.A.B. team was thrilled to able to go to “The Greatest Race On Earth” in Tulsa and compete against the best of the best.

It was such a pleasure seeing all our riders perform to their greatest potential,representing the Bay Area – and Colombia!

We went in hard at the ROC on Friday and dominated with a 1st place win for the Bike Shop, which took us into Sunday sitting in first place for the title!

That’s when things really started heating up and the crowd was going wild!

As the first gate dropped, one of our riders took first place and the finishes started coming in with top podiums in each class. With each rider giving it their all, it was enough to secure the overall win for the title and B.A.B. ended up finishing 2nd place in the nation for the Bike shop division!

Howard, and everyone associated with Bay Area BMXers, is so proud of all our riders!

We also want to thank the Colombian Federation for allowing us to have their riders come over and collaborate with us!

Team B.A.B. brought back lots of hardware and number one championships!

We are so excited to start 2021 with the team. A great big thank you to all our sponsors and fans that continue to rock and cheer with us!!!