What a great year Bay Area BMXers had!

We finished 4th place overall in Bike Shop team!

Brandon Cato brought home the Golden Crank Pro Rookie of the year award back.

Olivia Armstrong took the National #1 girls cruiser title again.

Stella Sunseri took a 3rd in 9 girls.

Patty Metzger took Nag#1 in 46-50 women cruiser.

Virginia Lingham took Nag #1 in 36-40 women.

Cynthia Mitchell took 3rd place in 31-35 women cruiser.

Ashley Cohen took the Nag #6 in the 17-20 women cruiser.

Michael Mitchell took 3rd in the 8expert.

Bobby Connelly took 2nd in the 9 cruiser.

Ty Popsik Correia took 1st place in the 15-16 intermediate class.

Kenny Cross took 4th place in 16 cruiser.

We’re also very happy about Jacob Allen very first grands he did well we have a few things to work on but he is right there and knows what he has to do.

Coby Bobo Witten had got sick when we got there but was nursed back to health by Shaun Howard and was able to resume racing on Saturday morning. Didn’t make his main but gave his 100%.

I want to thank all my riders from the bottom of my heart great racing from all of you this year. Let’s make 2016 fun!

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