Michael Mitchell

NAME: Michael Mitchell
CLASS: Boys 6 Expert
BIO:I am 6 years old and I was born in San Francisco, California. I have a brother and his name is Maxwell. I am in first grade and I like math. I like lots of sports especially football, basketball and racing. My favorite racer is Valentino Rossi, my favorite basketball players are Lebron & Steph Curry and my favorite football players are Frank Gore & Colin Kaepernick. Oh I like Floyd Mayweather too! My dream is to race Formula 1 cars and be a dentist or doctor. I want to help people but I like going super fast which is why I like racing.

I started racing BMX in November 2012 when my dad, my brother and me met Maxwell Brown and his dad Ben at the jump park. They were nice to us and invited us to the BMX track. It was lots of fun. Now me and my brother can’t stop racing BMX. At my first BMX race I came in 3rd place. I turned expert at the Reno Blackjack National in August 2013. I have lots of trophies from nationals and a really tall trophy from Grands where I came in 3rd place. My mom & dad tell me and my brother we can be anything we want to be if we listen, always work super hard and never give up.

My goal is to be NAG 1!

I am happy Howard let me and my brother join 510 Bay Area BMXers. I like all the kids and Howard and Bryan and Brandon. They help me with my gates and my rhythm section. This is the coolest team ever!