Brian (MisterBS) Simmons


NAME: Brian (MisterBS) Simmons
CLASS: 41 and over Expert and 41-45 Cruiser
CURRENT TEAM: 510/Bay Area BMXers
CURRENT BIKE: 24/7  20″ CHASE  24″

BIO: I started racing in 1983 as a 13 yr old novice. I was scared to death my first race at the old Orion Park in Mountain View, CA. I believe I took 3rd place my very first race and I’ve been hooked ever since. I quickly turned expert and had the pleasure of riding for numerous teams that really took care of me just as if I were royalty.

In 1992, I decided to turn A-Pro, at that time, I raced for a Factory Team called Quick Silver. We toured the United States for the next six years until 1998, when I got injured bad enough to take me out of the sport. The following ten years I didn’t even so much as go to a local race, much less even touch a bike.

In 2008, I got tired of missing the action of racing and the fun being around those good friends that I had made and still maintained throughout my retirement. So I picked up a new bike and raced Roseville, CA and got beat down pretty good. I started training and going to the track as much as possible and by the Black Jack Nationals in Sept, 2008 I was winning.

In 2009, I had a slight injury that kept me from racing until late 2010, where I raced the Grand’s and took 4th place in a very rough competitive class. I have been at it ever since, with no plans to stop racing anytime soon. My new goal is to enlighten more inner city youths and show them that they to race locally and even nationally and obtain success as well as stay healthy and out of trouble.

There are opportunities for kids to go to college from a BMX scholarship now a days. This is something I will do as long as my body allows me to. BMX has taught me to take a loss just as well as a win and to never give up because it’s never over until you cross the white racing line.