Ashley Cohen

NAME: Ashley Cohen
CLASS: Girls 15-16 Class
CURRENT TEAM: 510/Bay Area BMXers
CURRENT BIKE: 20″ and Cruiser

BIO: BMX is not the easiest sport to be good at. I’ve learned that you need to work hard to get what you want. I have been racing since I was six years old and I have met so many great people both locally and nationally. The girls I complete against are great friends of mine off the track but when I’m racing them, it’s another story. My Dad is my trainer. He knows when I’m trying my best and he really lets me know it when he feels I’m not giving it my all (as if I wasn’t hard on myself already).

I’ve been District Champion at least five times, Redline Cup Champion two times, Sea Otter Classic winner, and NAG 7 and 9 in 2012. I love riding for 510 Bay Area BMXers. They are great people to hang out with and definitely the loudest team at the Nationals!